How to decorate the entrance hall: great tips + 5 furniture sets

Besides storing bags, sunglasses, jackets and keys, the hallway is the calling card of our home. Therefore, beauty and organisation are the keywords in this environment.

Here are some tips on how to decorate the entrance hall of your house or flat:

Choose an eye-catching piece

A large mirror, painting or sculpture can be used as centrepieces to decorate the wall of the hall.

©living4media / Scoffoni

Intelligent lighting

It is important that the entrance hallway is well lit to make it easier to find a coat or keys. So mix different lighting solutions (e.g. pendant chandeliers, table lamp and recessed lights) that also contribute to a cosy atmosphere.

Use a nice carpet

Invest in a low-pile carpet, preferably in darker shades, as the entrance hall is a busy environment. This will add acoustic and thermal comfort to the entrance hall, as well as beauty.

Use a sideboard / buffet cabinet / bookcase

Furniture with drawers help to organise the entrance hall, as they provide space for keys, glasses, letters, newspapers ...

Sideboard Charme / © Memomad

Occupy the walls

Make the most of the walls by putting up shelves or organisers that keep things tidy while enhancing the decor.

Plants, plants, plants!

A plant or two in the hallway can help create a sense of connection with nature and bring life to the home.

Above all, remember that hallway décor should reflect your interior design style and be functional at the same time.

To help you decorate your hallway, we've put together 5 clever furniture sets - which one suits your home best?
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