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Kristallgläser Precious - Weinglas, Sektglas, Wasserglas, Likörglas

Cut Crystal Glasses Precious - Wine glass, Champagne glass, Liqueur glass, Water glass

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Nature with its perfect traces, shapes and details is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The Crystal Glasses Precious are inspired by the beauty of the plant world: This transparent crystal line features a beautiful cut that reveals precision and delicacy in every stroke.
The handmade Crystal Glasses Precious  have a classic design that lasts for generations without losing elegance. The complete line consists of water glass, red wine glass, white wine glass, champagne glass and liqueur glass. These crystal glasses are true gems for your home, perfect for creating a charming table, an elegant bar or a special tray.

  • The entire Precious line is made of hand-cut crystal.
  • Each crystal glass comes in a package with special protection that ensures the integrity of the piece.
  • Like a real jewel, this glass is sold per piece. Your home deserves this luxurious gift.
  • Not suitable for the microwave.
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher.
  • Decorative items not included.

Line Crystal Glasses Precious

  • LIQUOR GLASS: Tasting a good liqueur requires a special glass: small in size but rich in beauty to bring out the flavor of the drink.
    12,5 cm high | diameter Ø 5,5cm) | capacity 60 ml
  • RED WINE GLASS: The red wine glass has a long stem, and the goblet is the ideal size to hold the drink and bring out its aroma and flavor.
    20,1 cm high | diameter Ø 9,5cm | capacity 370 ml
  • WHITE WINE GLASS: The white wine glass has a narrow rim and a long stem. This allows for perfect handling, keeping hands away from the rim and the drink so as not to heat it up.
    19,5 cm high | diameter Ø 9cm| capacity 330 ml
  • CHAMPAGNE GLASS: The champagne glass has a narrow, elongated rim, which is ideal for maintaining the perlage longer.
    22,5 cm high | diameter Ø 6,08cm | capacity 190 ml
  • WATER GLASS: This water glass has a smooth stem and rounded rim with an elegant cut.
    21.1 cm high | diameter Ø 10.5cm | capacity 520 ml

The Strauss Crystals...

Tradition and sophistication in crystal cutting - this is the story of Strauss, a company that has passed down the art of artisan crystal blowing from generation to generation. Strauss offers an incredible collection of high-quality glasses and goblets (also available in polished finishes): each piece is hand-poured with impeccable skill and care.

Strauss luxury glasses are true jewels for your home

Glasses that enhance the taste and aroma and make every moment an unforgettable memory.

Perfection in craftsmanship

Strauss knows all the secrets of transforming a glowing sphere into a perfectly transparent goblet of impeccable shape. The process begins with the master glassmaker taking the glowing crystal from the refractory and starting to shape it. This takes more than technique, it takes talent, patience and inspiration. By blowing, the craftsman shapes the curvature of the bowl. Then he attaches the stem and the base. Finally, the cutting and grinding. With this, the crystal bowl is finished. The whole process is highly specialised, i.e. each craftsman takes care of one production step according to his expertise.

The art of cutting

Cutting the crystal pieces is another spectacle in itself. Certain cuts can take up to 40 minutes. The entire production process of certain goblet models can take up to 6 hours.

Timeless classics

Strauss' handcrafted crystal glasses are true works of art. They are classically shaped glasses and goblets that will last for generations without losing their .

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