Linie Ryo Bambus Porzellangeschirr

Porcelain Tableware: Line Ryo Bambus

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Oxford dinnerware sets...

... are designed to fall in love with!

The Ryo Bambus collection brings many elements of Japanese culture. The organic format of the pieces is inspired by the Japanese philosophy that seeks beauty in imperfection. Bamboo, an element ever-present in the country's history and culture, is at the heart of the decor. The vintage aesthetic of the piece is achieved through a manual technique of decoration with reagent lacquer.

The Ryo Bambus line...

  • Microwaveable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • SET of 6 plates Ryo Bambus - diameter (Ø): 27,5cm
  • SET of 6 bowls Ryo Bambus - diameter (Ø): 18cm / capacity: 500ml
  • SET of 6 cups Ryo Bambus - diameter (Ø): 9cm / height: 11cm / capacity: 380ml

The Oxford Porcelain...

Oxford is working with a new generation of porcelain: a porcelain like no other, produced in a much more technological and sustainable way. The innovations have made the company's process much more efficient and gentle with nature, while retaining all the main characteristics of authentic porcelain: resistance, sound, near-zero porosity, and, of course, whiteness.


Tests in certified laboratories guarantee a porosity below 0.5%, in accordance with the European standard EN 1900 and the American standard C242-15.

Sound quality

As with crystal, the touch of authentic porcelain creates an incomparable sound.


Authentic Oxford porcelain has a much whiter and more stable color called Superwhite. The oxidizing flame combustion, which produces only heat and no smoke, ensures color stability.

Technological production

Oxford has modern equipment and innovative techniques for making all kinds of pieces, from the most traditional to the most daring. All this combined with the creations of an internal design team that looks for references in the main world trends to create surprising products.

Sustainable process

Among other things, Oxford uses natural gas in its furnaces, a fuel that is much more gentle on nature. In addition, the pieces are burned at a lower temperature, which reduces energy consumption and benefits the environment.
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